What's Inside your "Ballet Box"


"Go straight to the Pointe with our Ballet Box"

Pirouette, The Specialty Dance Store presents our dance essentials

Ballet Box™.  Inside each box you will always find  hair nets, hair pins, and toe tape.  In addition there will be three other surprise items. Such possibilities are knot keepers, sticky strips, dancer's dots, pinky pads, spacers, spacer saver powder and more!  And don't forget our standard; Trusted Brand Names only.  On top of all that, each month there will be a special gift placed on top as a surprise to you, our clients.  Look for coupons inside!  

Just in case it crossed your mind...yes, the Ballet Box is environmentally sound too!

Special Offer - Free Shipping


Order your "Ballet Box" today. You choose when you want to receive your next "Ballet Box". Maybe you want to send as a gift to a friend or teacher. No monthly subscription required. Just order on-line or give us a call. It will be processed and shipped to you. 

Free shipping as part of our Special Offer. Don't forget to use the discount code ballet10 to save 10% off your first "Ballet Box".

We are excited to share what every dancer considers their "must haves" in Pirouette's Ballet Box with you!

*If you are interested in receiving our "Ballet Box" on a regular schedule, perfect! Let us know and we will take care of it!

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If you are interested in receiving your "Ballet Box" on a regular basis, email us today!